Are You Having Trouble Finding Work?

If you thought it was difficult to find a job you are probably right. There are five times more people registered as looking for work than there are jobs on the internet.
So what do you do to be the one that gets a job?

First, you need a good resume that highlights your skills in relation to what the employer wants. It’s no good handing in a resume that talks about how well you mixed cocktails at your last job when the role you are applying for is welding.

Then you need a plan. Make sure you target both advertised and unadvertised jobs. Advertised positions can be found in newspapers, internet job search sites, company websites, social media, store windows and shopping centre noticeboards. Unadvertised positions can be found by cold canvassing, developing good networks, registering with labour hire companies and advertising yourself on social media. One of the benefits of unadvertised jobs is not many people know about them and the competition is not so steep.

Looking for work can be a full time job. Be systematic. The more jobs you apply for and the more contacts you make, the better your chances are of finding work. Challenge yourself to apply for 5 jobs every day. With a mixture of advertised and unadvertised positions that should be achievable.

Finally, dress right, put your best foot forward and give it your best shot. If you give up you will fail, but if you keep at it you will succeed.