How To Get A Job With A Major Mining Company

Many jobs are coming up in the north-west mining sector, but the competition between applicants is high.

So what should you do to secure a position with one of the major mining companies?

  • Firstly, workers need to prove a solid commitment to the mine site safety culture and strict adherence to drug and alcohol policies.
  • Secondly, demonstrate your experience in the sort after skills such as relevant machinery tickets, or a trade certificate.

Entry level workers need to first look at applying for a job with a smaller company or contractor. Gain experience on mine sites and machinery to become more employable for the major mining companies. A HR licence and front-end loader tickets improve your suitability.

Qualified tradespeople need to look at what skills and qualities are listed in the advertised position and sure to address those points directly.

Make sure your resume ticks all the boxes before applying by getting in touch with our resume experts.