Find Your First Job

School’s out and it’s time to look for work, but every job advertisement asks for experience. How are you supposed to get experience if no one will give you a go? And any vacancy that doesn’t ask for experience has 50 people all applying for the same position.
Is there anything you can do to help get that first job?
There are a few things that can help.

Firstly, when applying for a job, hand in your resume in person where possible and try to find an opportunity to hand it to the manager or who ever is responsible for recruiting. Perhaps ring ahead and ask when the manager will be on the premises and ask for him/her by name when you arrive.
Before you even leave home, make sure you are dressed professionally. Consider the kind of person they want to employ and dress the part. If it is hands on, getting dirty type of work, then good clean work pants and shirt are appropriate. If the job is indoors, then black pants or a smart, knee length skirt for girls and a neat shirt or blouse. And don’t forget grooming; shower, shampoo, shave.
Prepare a brief spiel.
‘Hi, I’m Jim/Joanne and I would like to apply for the job you have advertised. Your advertisement asks for someone reliable and I have demonstrated this at school where I was always on time and never took days off unless I was really unwell.’
If you have some relevant experience from a hobby, part time work or assisting a family member then mention it. ‘During my school holidays I have assisted my grandfather with repairs to his house. I have learnt how to use most power tools and always behaved responsibly, showing I understand the importance of safety in the work place’ Things that demonstrate a relevant skill or attitude, like reliability or ability to learn skills are all useful.
Speak politely and respectfully.
Finally, make sure your resume includes both skills and personal qualities.
Include sporting achievements and voluntary work, because they demonstrate your commitment, willingness to get the job done and ability to work as part of a team.
For professional help with your resume, contact us and your personal consultant will work with you to create a resume you will feel confident presenting to an employer.