Professional Practices You Need Now

Developing a set of professional practices to follow throughout your career will have a dramatic effect on your effectiveness now and for years to come.

1. Get Organised
Always show up 10 minutes early. Punctuality is one of the most important professional habits to adopt and is worth applying in all aspects of your life. It’s an honest indicator of your organizational skills and overall reliability.

2. Dress For The Job You Want, Not The Job You Have

Uniform or not, always dress appropriately for your workplace.
Your personal appearance is one of the most important forms of nonverbal communication, so what message are you sending your boss?
Putting in the extra effort to make sure your clothes are always clean, neat and tidy will help you get the right attention from the right people.

3. Social Media Filtering

Set up your Facebook privacy settings so your colleagues aren’t seeing your party photos—or anything else you don’t want shown to potential future employers or co-workers. Facebook allows you to create customized friend lists so you can choose who sees your check-ins, photos, and other details about your personal life. Be sure that every time you accept a new friend request, you’re adding your contacts to the appropriate list. On a similar note, unless you want all of your tweets and photographs shown to the world, make sure your Twitter and Instagram accounts are private.